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Yeoman, Bower and Grunt

Working with Yeoman, Bower and Grunt is amazing, it is one of those things that will totally change how I work, just like Sass and Compass have.

With this super-trio of helpers I can quickly scaffold out a WordPress installation locally with Yeoman, install and manage any dependencies such as jQuery and Modernizr with Bower and have Grunt compile my Sass files and handle my live reload in Chrome whilst I work. Brilliant. And that’s only scratching the surface, I’m sure.

This got me thinking. Imagine a future where this super-trio of helpers not only handles my front-end development workflow but also my life.

Yo Curry

Picture this – I decide to make a curry for my dinner. I say “Yo Curry” and Yeoman heads into my kitchen and sets up my pans, pre-heats my hobs and asks Bower to go fetch all of my ingredients, which incidentally are all fresh from the local fields and farms and handles payment where applicable, the ingredients are all materialised instantly into my fridge and kept fresh until I am ready to use them. I concentrate on entertaining my guests and preparing the curry, adding my favourite touches here and there. Grunt keeps an eye on me and when I have finished preparing the curry, it helps carry all of the plates, food and drinks through to the dining room where my guests are waiting.

Kind of cool. I still get to be hands-on with the making of the curry and the super-trio handle the mundane tasks for me. I suppose this is what it must be like to have people waiting on you or to have a professional team of helpers in the kitchen. Not really for me but they certainly help with my dev workflow. Give them a try.

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