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Security-savvy with a Foregenix partnership

Did you know that 50% of Google’s top ranked Magento sites are hacked? Foregenix recently revealed this shocking statistic which adds evidence to support what I’ve been saying for a while: If you don’t give your website the attention it needs post-launch, you are much more likely to be one of the 50%.

In my experience, the majority of these breaches are through ready-made themes (not custom builds) and / or sites that don’t have active maintenance plans in place. As a result, the security patches aren’t installed quickly enough. Magento is an incredibly popular platform, and rightly so, but popular platforms are regularly targeted, just as WordPress is often affected by these attacks too.

So how do you work on building your customer base, and keep an eye on website security, without detracting from time spent running your business? Easy: By adding a website security package. Thanks to the renewed partnership with the security specialists, Foregenix, this is something I can continue to bring to the table for new and existing clients.

By partnering with Foregenix, I can offer bespoke, multi-tiered security packages. These provide rapid and discreet incident response which starts from £200 for one-off scans* and from £1,400 managed per annum. In summary, FGX-Web can include:

  • A front-line defence via a customisable, PCI Compliant firewall which filters threats from your friendly traffic
  • A comprehensive malware scan a day will keep Oogie Boogie away
  • Prevention is better than cure but, if malicious activity has already taken place, our daily card data scan will let you know
  • We are the all-seeing eye. Whenever changes are made, or files introduced, we’ll know when and who did what – allowing us identify users who pose a threat
  • Proactive PCI Compliant Alerting & File Integrity Monitoring
  • Warranties of up to £50k in the event of a breach

When used in tandem with my maintenance plans, websites are patched and updated as quickly as they can be and then regularly scanned to ensure potential threats are flagged and dealt with promptly. Unfortunately, whilst we can do our utmost to reduce the risk of threats, no one can guarantee you’ll never have a breach. So, having a security package in place can also help you to demonstrate you have taken all reasonable measures to protect you, your business, and your customers. Most especially with the recent GDPR. Incidentally, Foregenix has also written a great blog on why GDPR compliance isn’t all about the fines.

If you don’t have a maintenance plan in place (ie. un-managed), but suspect it has been compromised, this partnership also means I can offer to help you too whether I’ve built your website or not. Rather than having to rebuild, we can quickly scan and rectify any breaches to the existing website, such as removing infected files. This could save you tens of thousands in re-build costs.

If you require any more information, or would like to enquire about website maintenance and / or security packages, feel free to send me an email at ideas@steveperrycreative.com, call on +44 (0)1782 954282, or follow me on social media for bite-sized updates on Twitter @stevemarkperry

* There may be additional costs for remedial work such as removing threats, infected files etc.

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