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Magento Security Patch: SUPEE-6788

The Magento team have released a new security patch (SUPEE-6788) which addresses over 10 issues. Special care is required when installing this patch so read through the notes from the Magento team below and if you are unsure then please hire a professional Magento developer to help you out.

The Magento Team Bulletin

Dear Magento Merchant,

Today, we are releasing a new security patch (SUPEE-6788) and Community Edition to address over 10 issues identified through our comprehensive security program, including remote code execution and information leak vulnerabilities. This patch is unrelated to the recent Guruincsite malware issue. There are no confirmed reports of attacks related to these issues to-date, but it is important that you deploy the patch in order to protect your store. More information about the patch is provided in the Magento Security Center and in the Magento Community Edition release notes.


This patch breaks backward compatibility in ways that can affect your extensions or customizations (see notes for details). For example, certain updates to admin routing can make improperly coded extensions and customizations inaccessible from the admin panel. We expect that many extensions and customizations will be affected by this change, so we are releasing the patch with it included, but turned off. This lets you immediately benefit from the rest of the patch, while also giving you time to update your code before turning on the admin routing change.

We recommend that you first test the code in a non-production environment with the admin routing change turned on. If it works, deploy the fully-enabled patch to production. If you discover issues with accessing extensions or customizations from the admin panel, deploy the patch with the admin routing change disabled. Then work with your developer and extension providers to update impacted customizations and extensions. We urge you to turn on the admin routing change as soon as possible to protect your site from automated attacks, like the malware issue we recently experienced.


Patches are available for Magento Community Edition 1.4 and later releases and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.7 and later releases. Before implementing this new security patch (SUPEE-6788), you must first implement all previous security patches. This will ensure that the patch works properly.

To download the patch, choose from the following options:

  • Community Edition Merchants: Patches for earlier versions of Community Edition can be found on the Community Edition download page (look for SUPEE-6788). Merchants can also upgrade to Community Edition and receive the security update as part of the core code. 
  • Enterprise Edition Merchants: Go to My Account, select the Downloads tab, and then navigate to Magento Enterprise Edition > Support Patches. Look for the folder titled “Security Patches – October 2015.” Merchants can also upgrade to Enterprise Edition and receive the security update as part of the core code. 

Magento Developer

If you have any questions or would like me to help you patch your store then get in touch today and we’ll chat through your options.

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