Intelligent Online Payment Security

Steve Perry Creative is now offering FGX-Web – Intelligent Online Payment Security to protect client ecommerce websites, such as Magento, from the threats affecting growing numbers of online businesses. Steve Perry Creative’s clients can benefit from an FGX-Web Managed Service for a cost-effective monthly fee, which combines Foregenix’ market-leading FGX-Web technology and experienced information security professionals monitoring the alerts and threats on each managed website.

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FGX-Web provides the following features:


Website Protection

  • Secure Seal.
  • Malware Detection.
  • Backdoor/Shell Detection.
  • File Change Monitoring.
  • Real-time traffic and threat alerts.
  • Payment System Integrity Monitoring.
  • Cardholder Data Scanning (file system and databases).
  • Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring.


Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Content Spam Elimination.
  • Bot Content Scraping Protection.
  • SSL support and verification.
  • OWASP Threat Protection.
  • SQL Injection Protection.
  • Cross Site Scripting Protection (XSS).
  • Shopping Cart Protection.
  • Remote File Inclusion Protection.
  • DOS Protection.
  • Custom WAF Rules and Management.
  • Scalable High Availability and Load Balancing.


Compliance Supported

  • PCI Compliant Alerting.
  • PCI Compliant File Integrity Monitoring.
  • PCI Compliant Security Event Data Storage.
  • PCI Compliant Web Application Firewall.



  • Full FGX-Web deployment support.
  • FGX-Web threat alert support and general support queries via email and telephone (UK business hours).

Fully Managed

The FGX-Web Managed Service includes

  • Support to deploy FGX-Web to websites.
  • Daily monitoring of websites (monitoring performed during business hours 8am to 8pm in UK).
  • Daily review and analysis of alerts.
  • New plugin review.
  • Proactive telephone support – in case of alerts requiring action, Foregenix will call the partner to alert.

Full Protection Mode

WAF configuration

Upon sign off of the WAF configuration in “alerting mode”, Foregenix will initiate “full protection mode” and start blocking attacks. At this point the fully managed service will begin and includes the following additional service components:

  • Unlimited security support to clean up any security events.
  • Full forensic support in case of security event.


Service Level Commitment

  • Foregenix Proactive support outreach within 4 business hours of a serious security event (such as malware, web shell, backdoor detection).

In The Loop


  • Weekly Security Status Report per website.

Enterprise-grade security

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