FGX-Web – Website Security

Steve Perry Creative is an official Foregenix Cyber Partner and is offering FGX-Web – Intelligent Online Payment Security to protect client ecommerce websites, such as Magento, from the threats affecting growing numbers of online businesses. Steve Perry Creative’s clients can benefit from an FGX-Web Managed Service for a cost-effective fee, which combines the Foregenix market-leading FGX-Web technology and experienced information security professionals monitoring the alerts and threats on each managed website.

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FGX-Web in a nut shell:

  • A magnitude of scanning capabilities (malware, javascript, IOCs, webshells, credit card data, basehunter)
  • File Integrity Monitoring (PCI Compliant)
  • PCI Compliant Alerting
  • PCI Compliant Web Application Firewall
  • Warranty of £50,000 in event of a breach
  • Constantly being updated with latest malware patterns / trends

The managed service:

The Managed FGX-Web Service is a specialist website security service using Foregenix FGX-Web technology and delivered by the Foregenix Threat Intelligence Team – a team of highly skilled, website security threat analysts focused on mitigating threats against our customers.

This service is designed for businesses who would like to have a specialist security team manage and investigate any threats to their online business – giving businesses the confidence to focus on their business knowing that their website security is being taken care of.

What does the service include?

  • Managed Scans – a magnitude of scanning capabilities run every 4 hours
  • Daily Alert Reviews – all high risk alerts will be reviewed, checked and monitored by our team on a 4 hour cycle basis
  • Weekly Summary Reports – a simple overview of your website’s health for the past week
  • Proactive IR – you will only be notified of the high alerts as our team review all threats, meaning you will only be notified if there is a problem
  • Remediation – should malware be found we will advise and assist with the remediation walking you through the necessary steps
  • UK Assistance – our in house security team will be available should you require any assistance during UK business hours

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