Clean-cut, modern design and soft tailoring

Unique21 is a British brand specialising in clean-cut, modern designs and soft tailoring. Effortless style designed exclusively in-house, their aim is to bring you timeless staples with a modern approach, while incorporating the latest season trends. Their inspiration is the woman of today, the strong, the inspiring, the creative, the hardworking and the ever changing.

Steve Perry Creative were hired as the technical lead to build the bespoke Magento website. Sam Richardson handled the design aspects and Alex Hardy and myself handled the development work.


A lot of consideration was given to the main navigation of the site. We wanted to create a navigation system that worked really well regardless of what device the user is browsing on. We removed transparency and reduced spacing on smaller screens to make the experience more fluid and easier to use when space is more premium.

Product filtration


An exquisite pairing of Lust Display and Sofia Pro brings the site’s typography to life and gives it a unique edge. Special care and attention was given to the type treatment throughout all screen sizes. Type sizes and leading were adjusted for smaller screens to optimise legibility.


Instagram became an integral part of the website with a Shop our Instagram section on the homepage and As seen on Instagram sections on product pages, users can easily see how other customers are wearing Unique21 designs.

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