The Outdoor Swimming Society

The Outdoor Swimming Society needed a fresh website that was inline with their brand so they approached John Summerton (design) and I (development) to create a bespoke solution which incorporated a shop to sell both merchandise and event tickets.

A wave of users

When event tickets are released it’s usual to see thousands of people trying to make a purchase at the same time so it was very important that the website loaded quickly, on all devices, with zero downtime. We made sure that all assets were fully optimised and chose our favourite web hosting company to help us out with a super-reliable server. The result is a solid website, packed out events and a happy client.

An ocean of content, filtered

The OSS offer absolutely stacks of content to their users in the way of articles, how-tos, features, event listings, etc. It was important that this content was easy to add to the website in a way that the editorial design style was kept and also that it was easy for users to filter through the content to find what they are looking for. We incorporated a category system with dropdown filter menus that encourages users to really drill-down and discover new content.

Tickets and merchandise

As the number of products for sale is relatively small we chose WooCommerce to power the shop. This also meant that the ecommerce section of the website is super-snappy to load and on-going maintenance is simple.

Hero waterfall photo by Matt Jones on Unsplash.