DesRes Home

DesRes Home were looking to update their outdated Magento ecommerce website with a fresh new design and whole new backend.

Personal touches

After initial discussions we decided that we needed to include unique personal touches to give customers extra reasons to shop at DesRes Home instead of the likes of Amazon and other large online retailers. We incorporated sections such as Nicki Curates – a personal collection of items that ensure customers are always on-trend, editorial style guides to help customers choose products to fit within a certain style and clear ways for customers to contact the DesRes Home support team for personal shopping advice.

Product catalogue

DesRes Home have a very large product catalogue and each product has many different options – t-shirt sizes, candle colours, lamp shade styles. All of these products had to be migrated over to the new site without creating more work for the client.

After exporting all product data from the old Magento site we started cleaning the data within the spreadsheet. New attributes were added, product images standardised, categories re-organised. After this the spreadsheet was passed on to the SEO team so that they could work their magic. Once the product spreadsheet was completed we imported the data in to the new Magento website and ran tests to make sure everything was correct.

Flexible shipping

We needed flexible shipping options due to some products needing a fragile or large item service. On top of this we wanted to give the customers an option to click-and-collect from DesRes Home’s warehouse. We opted to use the Matrix Rates Premium and Product Level Shipping modules from Webshopapps along with some custom functionality to make sure that this was a seamless as possible for customers.

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