Anturus bring the science of adventure to the classroom. They stage adventures twice a year to connect with schools and homes around the world. Follow them live or catch-up through video diaries and activities for teachers directly through this new bespoke WordPress website. Launching soon.

Meaning adventurous in Welsh, Anturus is about enthusing children and adults alike in science through expeditions. Anturus make it easy for schools to bring science from the outdoors into the classroom with simple-to-use videos and resources.

Steve Perry was hired to re-design the Anturus website and introduce new features that will enable children and adults to keep up-to-date with the team’s expeditions directly through the site itself. Bespoke social media feeds, embedded videos, live streams and other interactive features were all built to make this happen – no matter what device they are using or what location they are in.

A critical element of the website was that the team can easily add new content when they are out in the field, in space, or inside a glacier. The WordPress admin interface was customised to make this even easier and to provide fast access to page-build features that are supernova-easy to use. Rocket-performance, starlight quality and the moon on a stick. That’s the Anturus website.

As each expedition will have it’s own unique aura, the team can build new pages and design them from the admin interface which makes it easy for them to be shown in a way that matches the theme of the expedition.

© Huw James

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Hero glacier photo by Vincent Burkhead on Unsplash.